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As an experienced search engine consultant based in Manchester, I have been building effective SEO strategies for over 13 years. I connect businesses with new customers and prospects across the entire web. If you want to find new customers and increase revenue from your website, you've come to the right place. I currently provide SEO services as well as Pay Per Click management and social media marketing. Although based in Manchester, I have worked with clients all over the UK. Get in touch today to receive your free in-depth SEO audit.
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Being Optimised + Gaining More Authority = More New Customers, Increased Revenue and Business Expansion

If you want to attract new customers to your business, you must find a way to stand out from the crowd; no matter how crowded your market may be. You need to go above and beyond to ensure that your target audience takes notice of your company, and position yourself as a far superior alternative to your competitors. Running an effective search engine optimisation campaign will help you do all of this and much more.

Fortunately, you don't have to go it alone in your bid to run an effective SEO campaign, hire me as your search engine consultant. We are a full service digital creative agency that prides ourselves on our ability to deliver compelling digital marketing solutions. Time and time again, our expert strategies have helped clients to attain a high-ranking placement in the search engine results pages (SERPs).

If you want to maximise your presence on the SERPs, be sure to make Digital Marketing Reinvented your go-to SEO consultancy. Our aim is simple: we want to help you attain a sustainable amount of growth through organic search. And rest assured, my SEO agency is willing to go the extra mile to ensure that your digital marketing campaign is a success.

Why you need an SEO Agency?

If your business is to survive in the ever-changing digital world of today, you need a strong SEO strategy in place. Without one, you’ll be liable to lose a horde of consumers to your competitors and subsequently fall behind in the race for custom.

No matter what type of company it is you run or what industry you operate in, you stand to reap a host of benefits from running an effective search engine optimisation campaign. Here are just a few specific reasons why you should embrace SEO in all its glory:

  • Improved user experience
  • Higher lead generation and conversion rates
  • Better brand awareness
  • Enhanced visibility and subsequent credibility
  • Increased engagement levels

The facts and stats

As you may have guessed, we're big fans of SEO here at Digital Marketing Reinvented. In fact, we would go as far as to say that it should be at the heart of every digital marketing campaign that you run.

Our beliefs aren't unfounded. Here are some facts and stats that prove just how fundamental SEO is in today’s digital climate:

  • 39% of world-wide eCommerce traffic stems from organic search
  • 46% of Google searches are conducted by people who are in need of information
  • 72% of the consumer public visit businesses after conducting a local search
  • 18% of local searches conducted via a smartphone device resulted in a purchase being made within the day
  • The generic keywords ‘near me’ and ‘close by’ grew by a whopping 900% over a two-year period between 2016 and 2018

What we can do for you?

Excited to enter into the world of search engine optimisation for the first time? Before you go ahead and set sail on your maiden campaign, be sure to take full advantage of all the best services that an SEO company based in Manchester has to offer, such as us. The hardworking team here at Digital Marketing Reinvented are experts at both local and international SEO for English speaking countries. This means that we can help you to optimise your campaign no matter what audience you wish to target or what market you wish to tap into.

Specialising in both on-page and off-page SEO, we know what it takes to reach the upper echelon of the Google search pages. Should you choose to align yourself with us, one thing is for sure — we won’t stop until your website appears at the very pinnacle of the SERPs whenever searches are conducted in your market.

We will help you scale these lofty heights by providing you with the following core SEO services:

Keyword Research

We will work tirelessly to uncover keywords that are used frequently in your market.


We know the power of the written word, which is why we use copywriting to bolster our SEO services.

Link building

We will help you to build the authority of your site naturally.


We will ensure that each of your SEO campaigns are supported by quality content that is both engaging and intuitive.

Mobile web

We know that most Google searches now take place on smartphone devices, which is why we will optimise your SEO campaign for the mobile web.

Affiliate marketing

We understand the impact products have on organic search traffic, which is why we offer SEO-driven affiliate marketing services.

Our experience

It is said that you need to devote 10,000 hours to your craft if you’re to become an expert at it. We’ve been in operation for 13 years now, which means we’ve done more than enough to achieve expert status! Our longevity has made us one of the nation’s most trusted SEO consultant agencies. Our extensive experience in the field of SEO (as well as the fact that we know how to use most CMS systems) makes us more than capable of tending to your every digital marketing need.

Let us assist you in your attempt to grow your business through the web. Get in touch with us here at Digital Marketing Reinvented and allow us to do the heavy lifting for you during your next SEO campaign.

If you'd rather get a feel for the strategies and solutions that we offer, be sure to take full advantage of our free SEO consultation service.

Local Search Strategy

Maximize your presence on search engine results pages on a local scale.

MAp Search OptimiSation

Google Maps Optimization is an important part for your local marketing strategy.

Link Building & Content

Link building is a tremendously important component of Search Engine Optimisation.
Paid listings on Google AdWords can help you reach new customers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why can't I find my website on Google?

There could be any number of reasons as to why you currently cannot find your website on Google. It can be as simple as you have set the wrong location when searching on Google. If you are looking for UK results, ensure you are using or there could be a number of technical issues holding you back, get a free audit today.

How do I get my website noticed?

There are a number of creative ways of getting traffic to your website and getting it noticed by the search engines. SEO, PPC, Social Media advertising, Press releases, guest blogging to name a few. If you are a bit stuck, try having a look at your competition and seeing who currently ranks at the top of Google and what they have been up to.

How do you check if my website is indexed by Google?

Quite simply go to the Google search engine and type in the Google query bar this will fetch most known web pages Google currently has in its index. The other more long-winded method is logging into Google Search Console and checking pages indexed but you first need to be verified and know where to look. Get your SEO consultant to check this out for you if you're unsure.

How long does SEO take to see results?

While SEO is a long-term marketing strategy it all depends on how old your website is and what sort of authority you currently have. For example, if I take two similar clients on, one with a brand new domain name and hardly any authority and the other with an established website and decent authority, the newer site will lose every time. It also depends on what sort of budget you have to spend on search engine optimisation. The less you pay, the longer it generally takes. If you are spending a few £1000 a month, then I would estimate it can take anywhere between six months - twelve months. Nobody can guarantee rankings, if they do, DO NOT do business with them. The search engine ranking is not there’s to guarantee.

Why does SEO take so long?

SEO, unlike paid advertising, needs to be done naturally to give you the best long-lasting results. As the saying goes slow and steady wins the race. Also like anything else organic, it needs to grow and be nurtured over a gradual period of time. Be too aggressive with it and it can end up getting you penalised.

How long does it take for Google to rank your website?

It all depends on what niche you work in and how competitive it is but typically it can take from six to twelve months.

Does SEO really work?

Search Engine Optimisation, when carried out properly, can be very effective and provide a solid source of revenue to your business. Go cheap on it and it can spell disaster.